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Many organizations try to raise awareness for Invisible Disabilities, to help others recognize these disorders as real issues that these individuals go through though they may not have tangible or visible proof.

       I personally cope with three different invisible disabilities: Chronic Migraine headaches, Chronic Anxiety and Depression. I have been dealing with migraine headaches since I was five-years-old. As a kindergartener and first grader, I had  constant migraines that rated a seven on a 1-10 pain scale. I repeatedly had teachers, doctors and other students think I was faking them because I didn't look like I was in pain or was able to function with this pain as part of my daily living. The doctors did lots of tests before finally sending me to a Neurologist who ordered a CAT scan and then an MRI which found I had a small cyst blocking spinal fluid in one of the ventricles of my brain. I then underwent brain surgery to drain the cyst. The doctor said that it may not be causing my migraines, and they were surprised that the cyst wasn't causing me other problems. As it turned out the cyst was not the cause of my migraines. I didn't find out until middle school that food sensitivities to nitrates was one of the causes of my migraines. In College I found out that MSG was another trigger.

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