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Surviving Our Disaster Vacations

          Follow Sarah and Cory and their Families on two exciting vacations. These vacations don't go at all like they planed. See what happens when a huge storm rolls in and capsizes the boat that they are on, while sailing to Madagascar in Stranded and Scared . Then read how Cory and Sarah's graduation float trip goes horribly wrong in Something Afloat. 

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        Our vacation to Madagascar started out just fine that is until the storm rolled in.
Cory and I paddle as fast as we can through the towering waves, while making sure none of the kids get washed out of the lifeboat. We only stop to watch when we are a safe distance away. We hear a loud boom and turn to see the sky turn bright orange as the propane tank explodes. We peer through the waves as the mast falls and our boat throws sparks and debris into the storm clouds and surrounding water.
          Chris clings to me crying. As we watch, our beautiful White Swan tips over and sinks into the raging ocean. I scan the water looking for the second orange lifeboat. I don’t see it anywhere. I brush away my tears and try to tune out my horrible thoughts. Where are the adults? What if they didn’t escape in time?
How will we survive in this ocean without our parents?

            Two years after the disastrous Madagascar vacation, Sarah and Cory are still dating. After their high school graduation they decide to go on a week long float trip with Sarah's grandpa on the Bourbeuse river. The trip starts out fun but soon gets dangerous when the group runs into human traffickers and Sarah is kidnapped.

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